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Above Ground Pools

Aqua Pool & Spa Pros is the most awarded pool & spa dealer in Lake County since 1999.

We carry the Outback line of above ground pools plus our Evolution pool, which we have an actual 15' round running display in our showroom.

The Outback line has 3 different choices. The Southport GLX, which is 52" deep. The Brisbane also 52" deep and the Barrier Reef pool which is 54" deep. All of the above pools are available in many different round and oval sizes.

Our experienced installation staff has the knowledge to insure that you will enjoy your investment for years to come. You will find our installation includes many things other pool companies charge extra for. For instance, we always include the sand and patio block for the pool base and up to 6” of excavation in our installation price. You will also receive a free Homeowners Orientation Lesson by one of our technicians after the pool is up and running to make sure you know how to properly maintain the pool and equipment.

Stop by our store anytime to see samples of all our pools an a wide variety of accessories for you to view.

Find out how easy it is to enjoy a swimming pool in your own backyard today.

Above-Ground Pool Installations

Aqua Pool & Spa Pros
The other guys
We include up to 6” of excavation Extra charge after 2” of excavation
We include all the sand and block Extra charge for sand and block
We put the pump and filter on patio stone block and level the area Put pump and filter on the ground without leveling first
All equipment is double clamped to prevent leaking Single clamps
We come back after pool is partially full and cut in the inlet and skimmer Inlet and skimmer are cut at time of installation-problems with liner wrinkling
Suction valve installed to make vacuuming and maintenance easier No valve at all!
Free pool orientation lesson scheduled with homeowner to explain operation of pool equipment, maintenance, and water chemistry. Nope
Pool, equipment, and installation all backed by our Gold Award-winning service techs Nope
“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a cheap price is forgotten”

Aqua Pool & Spa Pros
Aqua Pool & Spa Pros
Aqua Pool & Spa Pros
Aqua Pool & Spa Pros
Aqua Pool & Spa Pros
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APSP: The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals.