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September 2017 Tip of the Month

In a previous newsletter, we discussed the problems that excessive stabilizer levels cause in pools. Basically high levels mean you need to keep the chlorine level in your pool much higher than normal. It slows down the reaction time of the sanitizer and it can cost much more to keep the pool clean and healthy. Read More

August Tip of the Month

Don’t let this weather fool you! Even though the kids are going back to school, not all pools are ready to be closed or forgotten about. Bring us a water sample and let our trained staff help you get your pool in check!

July Tip of the Month

Do’s and Dont’s when the July sun and heat is upon us (soon we hope!) Do use an algaecide and phosphate remover as preventive algae control for pools. Do keep your sanitizer level up. It can burn off quickly at this time of year, resulting in unsightly water conditions. Do keep your water balanced. Test Read More



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