Pool Opening / Closing

Pool Opening / Closing

Above Ground Pools:

Because of the numerous sizes and conditions, all above ground pools are charged on a time and materials basis. The average closing price range from $235.00-$295.00. There is a $235.00 minimum charge.

A $100.00 deposit is required to reserve a closing date.

Above ground pool closing consists of skimming and vacuuming your pool as best possible, lowering the water to the proper level, removing all baskets, ladders, stairs*, and accessories, winterizing the equipment, and installing the winter cover. Air pillows under the cover are not necessary. Many of the large interior steps are left in the pool per the manufacturer’s instructions. Chemical balance should be done prior to the pool closing by the homeowner. * please read the new stair removal policy if applicable.


Inground Pool Closing:

We will clean, skim and vacuum the pool as best possible, lower the water to the proper level, and remove all ladders, handrails, cleaners, fittings, and accessories. We blow out all the water from the pool plumbing lines, add antifreeze only where necessary, drain and winterize all pool equipment including the pump, filter, and heater.
Our crew will cover the top of the heater and install your winter cover.

There is a $100.00 deposit required to reserve your closing date.

Chemical balance should be done prior to the pool closing by the homeowner.


In-ground pools may deduct $100.00 if the homeowner cleans the pool and lowers the water level.

In-ground pools using an auto-cover for the winter cover may deduct $50.00                                                                         

In-ground Pools-Blow out plumbing lines and equipment ONLY- $265.00

The homeowner is responsible for cleaning the pool, lowering the water level, removing all accessories and installing the cover.

 Extra Charges:

Solid covers with water tubes, Chemically clean filter elements, Spa in conjunction with the pool, In-Floor cleaning systems, Water features/plumbing lines, Pools using two covers, Cleaning of salt cells         Extra labor if needed. Extra lowering of water level to reduce the amount of stabilizer in the pool 

                                              Anti-freeze is included in the in-ground pool closing price.


Please fill out the Pool Closing Form and mail or fax it back to us so we can schedule your preferred swimming pool closing date as soon as possible.


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