Spa Opening / Closing / Inspection

Spa Opening / Closing / Inspection

Spa Opening Form

Its spa time again! Spring is right around the corner and that could only mean one thing. It’s time to get the spa up and running for the season.

Here’s what we do when you have us open your spa:
We remove the plastic liner and/or anti-freeze that were used to winterize the spa, clean the interior, install all jet and suction fittings, clean and protect the cover with a special vinyl protectant, fill and start up the spa. We then check all the spa equipment components, filter, heater, pump, controls, and ozonator.
Minor repairs can also be done at this time if necessary.

We highly recommend having your ozonator checked and replaced if necessary. Ozonators help destroy and eliminate harmful bacteria and chloramines.

They make maintaining your spa much easier. These units typically only last 2-5 years depending of the brand used. We only use the highest quality, large capacity ozonators.

We recommend that your spa is opened prior to May 1st to avoid scheduling delays.

Please fill out the Spa Opening Form and mail or fax it back to us so we can schedule your preferred spa opening date as soon as possible.


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